Ryvl is The Ultimate Employee Gamification and Competition Platform

Motivation through Gamification

Money alone is not a true motivator for the majority of the upcoming workforce; thus, a recognition or gamification system is starting to become a necessity for companies to attract and retain top talent.

Ryvl is different from other employee recognition platforms because it rewards employees on tangible results that directly correlate to company success. Furthermore, employees can take control and motivate one another instead of it always falling to company leadership.

Ryvl also motivates through public accountability by enabling everyone within your organization to see the live results of each competition.


Ryvl Enables Full Incentive Automation from Start to Finish

Streamline and Save on Your Incentive Program

Thinking of the right incentives that will motivate ALL your employees can be near impossible. So, rather than relying on limited, fixed prize options, give your employees the freedom to choose.  

With Ryvl Store, you get a branded company store where employees can spend their hard-earned Ryvl Tokens

Ryvl Tokens will automatically be awarded for performance and participation in competitions, then they will sync with your store at a 1 Token : $1ratio. 

The current available store options are:


-Branded Company Swag

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